Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saint Patrick's Day

Hello, friends!

I had a really great Saint Patrick's Day.  I ended up going to the parade, which I hadn't been to in years.  I felt awful that I couldn't take Stink.  The last time I went was with Stink in 2010.  Stink was such a cutie bug dressed in her green gear.

But, alas, now Stink's is in Kindergarten.  Big kid school.  The must-be-in-attendance-5-days-a-week, school.  It sucks!   Before,  I used to work nights and only 3 nights a week at that.  There was always so much time to do stuff.  We were able to go so many places during the week.  Now I have to be a bad mom all the time.  Being a bad mom for not sending her to school or being a bad mom because she sad she can't come and do fun things with me.  Like I said, it sucks!

After dropping Stink off at school, I headed downtown and met best bud Emily and her fam for breakfast.  After eating, we headed to the parade where we got a surprise. Village Pantry randomly came up and asked Emily if she and her friends were interested in riding their float.  Umm heck yeah we were!!!

So I was on a float.  In the parade.  It was amazing.  Cold, but amazing!

After that we headed to get some green beers.  From there, we bounced around to different St Paddy's day celebrations.  It was a great day, especially because I refused to think about school or the millions of others things I should've been doing instead.

Next year, I've decided if I don't have to work I'm going to be a rebel and let my child play hooky from school to take her to the parade.   I think.  Maybe.  Actually, now that I think about it I'm getting guilty conscience already.  I guess we'll just have to see.

So, anyhoo that was my St. Patrick's day.

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